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It just hit me that February is over in less than three hours and I don't have anything health related to say. Then this song came on the radio and I was suddenly four years old again driving down the highway in the back of my Dad's 64 and 1\2 mustang I could see the Space Needle off in the distance still remember the smell of those seats, and It was this song that was playing. Hope you enjoythe 60's babes. Ooh La La.
It's amazing the quality and flavor you can get at little food trucks and trailers you find at various places along the road. One of my favorites and a recent find is this little place called the Ardvark that is located at the chevron station across the street from Snoqualmie Pass Ski Area. They are also opened during the summer when there is plenty of room for 18 wheelers to park. In the winter if the Ski Area has enough snow you might not find any parking for your big rigg. I got lucky they hadn't had enough snow yet when I stopped by.
I like to grab the 'Hurry Curry" full of veggies, rice,chicken, curry, ginger and more, plus some pineapple upside down cake to go on top. Don't forget to order some of their special hot cocoa; home made with a hint of peppers for its own spicy kick. 

Health and prosperity for you my friend...
So my ankle started hurting again and this time I had to go to the doctor he ran a blood test and found I have a very high level of uric acid…So yep, looks like it's gout. However here is something I didn't know about gout. It turns out that gout can be caused by dieting. My doctor said that when you diet As you lose your fat cells they release purines which are a precurser for uric acid. It turns out by losing weight (too fast) you may be raising your chances of getting gout.  If this is the case then doing a crash diet or fast may not be such a great idea. So next time I get gout, instead of doing a cherry juice fast I'm going to drink cherrie juice and make sure I eat other foods that aren't high in purines like nonfat dairy, eggs, and fruit while staying away from processed and red meat, beer and other types of foods that are high in uric acid producing purines. 
So when I started trucking again I figured I'd also re-start my Trucker Diet. I figured that within six months I'd lose at least another fifty pounds. I was doing pretty good, then my truck broke down, and while I was off work for a couple weeks I managed to become a deadbeat nacho scarfing bar fly and blossomed up to 319 pounds. However, when I got back on the road and went back onto My Trucker Diet I took that ten pounds off in less than a month. Problem was, three hundred ten pounds wasn't my objective. Two sixty five was. For some reason my body doesn't seem to want to budge below about three hundred ten pounds. Guess this is the plateu that some dieticians talk about. There's a rainbow to this. I'm healthier since I went back on my trucker diet. My Doctor took me off one of my blood pressure meds, and my diabetic numbers were one point away from normal. I'll take the good with the bad. 
     Years ago I remember the excitement of hitting the open road. Trucking to me was the closest thing I’d been able to find to flying. We worked hard but also had freedom to control our lives out on the road. We (long haul truckers) had a life that may not have been conventional but it wasn't that bad. Then around 2004 some folks got together and decided it would be safer to up the sleeper birth time from eight hours to ten hours.

      “That’s not such a bad idea. More sleep has to be safer. Right?" 

     Well yeah, O.k. except along with the Ten Hour Rule they added the Fourteen Hour Rule. The Fourteen Hour Rule or as I will call it the "FHR" is a stop watch that starts when you begin your day, and doesn't stop ticking for fourteen hours, when the FHR says your done driving, that's it, your done driving. I'm not sure why they invented the FHR but I'm guessing it's designed to make drivers keep their doors closed and the wheels turning. Hey, isn't keeping my wheels turning my job, not the federal governments job to enforce? 

     I'm going to try to give you an example of my life on the road with the FHR since my company put the new E-logs into my truck so that non drivers out there can have some perspective into what it can be like running under current regulations. 

     One Day in my Life Trucking:

      So I go to bed at ten p.m. and sleep until Two A.m. I get up have a drink of water and go back to bed but, can't sleep. Some drivers (without E-logs in the truck) might just choose to "bend" their log book and try to get some driving done, but since I have an electronic log book in my truck and am such a conscientious follower of weird arbitrary rules designed by Lord knows who, (definitely not a trucker), I just lay there until eight a.m. Then I'm allowed to drive. Woo Hoo!!!! Time for work. Now the FTH is started. You remember the fourteen hour stop watch I told you about? I drive (tired) for two hours, then load for two hours, because car haulers load our own trucks this is on duty time, then drive one more hour, decide I'm too tired and pull into a rest area around one p.m. to catch a nap. Remember, the FTH keeps running even when you're sleeping once your workday has begun. So, I sleep for what seems like twenty minutes and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to roll. Only, holy crud it's five fourty five p.m. But at least I'm not tired, in fact for the first time all day i'm ready to rock and roll!!! I'm also hungry. So, I stop and grab a bite at the flying J. Now it's six fourty five p.m. and I'm rolling. Three hours and fifteen minutes later it's ten p.m., still wide awake and ready to be productive but the FTH says I'm done for the day. I pull into Ernies Truck Stop walk over to Shari's and spend the next four hours when I should be sleeping, wide awake bullshiting with anybody that will talk to me and the vicious cycle (with many different variations) is repeated. 

     My point is that I'm a human not a robot. I work in a constantly changing environment and in order to be safe and just as important sane, need the freedom to schedule my own life out here on the road. In my opinion, The Fourteen Hour Rule is arbitrary unneeded and can and does hinder me from making safe choices. If I have to sleep ten hours in 24 fine, but let me choose when and give me the right to break up that ten hours if needed without punishing me with the FHR. The fourteen hour stop watch needs to go away. 

     Am I wrong? Feel free to shoot me an E-mail

     Thanks Burnie

A friend of mine was telling me about a special type of Vitamin C that is 90% absorbable by humans. Thats awesome because most of the vitamin C we get our bodies filter out so we don't get the full benefit of them. That is why they have I.V. Vitamin C Therapy. I.V. Vitamin C therapy is supposed to be good for everything from helping to fight cancer and to reverse heart disease to supercharging the immune system and doing battle against twentieth century scourges like Hepatitis C. this Liposomal Vitamin C is by some accounts just as good or even better than I.V. Vitamin C Therapy. Liposomal Vitamin C can also be expensive to buy at the health food store. So, when my friend Shawn offered to make me some of this super charged "Liposomal" Vitamin C I wasn't about to refuse that offer. He was even nice enough to let me video tape him making it. 
Here are some completely Vegan Spicy Sausages made by the Grain Meat Co. I found at Safeway. I know I've blogged about being (the worlds worst) vegetarian and it seems like, since I've started trucking again, that all semblance of being vegetarian has flown out the window. So, when I get home, I try and make up for lost time and eat more vegetarian.

This was breakfast recently. You might notice the eggs.  They don't qualify as Vegan but they are free range from our own chickens.

Ahh…Vegetarian sausage with our own free range high omega three eggs. A breakfast fit for a carnivore, withought the carnivor guilt...

Well I'm back to square one. It took me Exactly one month to the day to lose the nine pounds I put on in two weeks, by becoming an all night drinking 2 a.m. Nacho snarfing fiend. I fell off the wagon and broke every rule I'd set for myself on my Trucker Diet and paid the price. I realize now, that when one starts a new endeavor whether it's losing weight or any project, it's important to approach it with humility. Well now, my only question is have I hit a plateau?  When I first started my Trucker Diet almost two years ago I remember the weight just seemed to fall off me. All the way from 354 down to 297 however, once I reached my internal goal of getting below 300 I kind of let down and jumped off the wave so to speak, maybe it was the excitement of finding this new way of living that made it fun, but like everything the newness wore off. Also keep in mind, one of my favorite things in the world is food, and this diet was created to allow me to enjoy eating how much, and whatever I want. However, there are still rules that one needs to follow. So, has my body established some kind of set point? Am I going to be able to get back down below 300 lbs using my Trucker Diet? The next few months will be interesting.
back to 310 lbs, keep in mind I'm holding a camera so that adds a little weight…Lol.