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     There was an interesting article on the B.B.C. regarding memory loss and Nicotine.  According to the article they did a study with 67 people suffering from mild cognitive impairment and pre dementia and found some promising results, although the study is to small to prove anything, it does open the door to future research using nicotine via the nicotene patch as a potential drug to help the many people that suffer from dementia and alzheimers.  

    According to Michelle Roberts a reporter from the B.B.C: 

     "The latest work found that six months of treatment with nicotine patches appeared to improve how well individuals with "pre-dementia" or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) performed on tests designed to assess memory, attention and response times.
After six months of treatment, the nicotine-treated group regained 46% of normal performance for age on long-term memory, whereas the placebo group worsened by 26% over the same time period."

     No, I dont recomend non smokers going out and getting on Nicotine. It's expensive, highly addictive, and has a lot of proven negatives. However it's worthy of discussion.  Heres the link.


06/19/2012 22:29

nicotine is a harmful drug. people should avoid this. It causes several harmful effects on body, one of them is memory loss.

06/30/2012 00:15

I don't agree even if it has a little benefit on memory loss than also nicotine should not be encourage because it has so many harmful effects of it on heath.


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