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 Health Trucker
I was surfing the web when i stumbled upon Timothy Ferris's Blog about  Fitness In it he was talking about the "Russian Kettlebell" he also talked about a lady he knew that lost 100 pounds by simply using one of these weights and just one workout exercise called the "Kettlebell Swing."  So I decided to buy myself a 35 pound Kettlebell and my Lady Terrie  a 15 pounder also!  I plan on taking my 35 lb Kettlebell over the road with me. I have been learning the Kettlebell Swing and boy does it get my heart rate up fast! I am also sore in my legs, gluts, and back but not to the point I am crippled.  I am posting a picture of our "His and Hers"  for about a hundred bux at a local sporting goods store you can find them cheaper at the link below. 
'Russian Kettlebell' quite possibly the ultimate trucker workout tool!