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I've been suffering from gout like symptoms in my right foot and ankle so I started doing some research.  It turns out that gout is caused by a build up of Uric Acid.  This buildup can be caused by Hyperuricemia or Kidney problems, Obesity, diet, or just genetics. Foods to avoid are red meats seafood, spicy foods, chili peppers, alchohaulic beverages, coffee, tea, even lentils are said to possibly cause gout.  The type of food that I could find the most sources saying cured or helped get rid of gout was cherry juice.  I decided to give it a try and bought some cherry juice at Albertsons.  I decided because gout can be caused by so many types of foods that I would eliminate all food and go on a cherry juice fast for at least twenty four hours.  So I took fifty percent distilled water and fifty percent cherry juice, mixed them together and this became my only food source.  It turns out I was able to fast for thirty six hours.  It also worked.  My gout dissapeared.  One week later and I still havent had a flair up of gout!!  So if you are going to try a cherry juice fast make sure you O.K. it with your Doctor and good luck getting rid of your gout.  B

Fasting may not be good for gout (11-4-13)

So my ankle started hurting again and this time I had to go to the doctor he ran a blood test and found I have a very high level of uric acid…So yep, looks like it's gout. However here is something I didn't know about gout. It turns out that gout can be caused by dieting. My doctor said that when you diet your fat cells release purines which are a precurser for uric acid. It turns out by losing weight (too fast) you may be raising your chances of getting gout.  If this is the case then doing a fast may not be such a great idea. So next time I get gout, instead of doing a cherry juice fast I'm going to drink cherrie juice and make sure I eat other food that isn't high in purines like nonfat dairy, eggs, and fruit while staying away from processed and red meat, beer and other types of foods that are high in uric acid causing purines.
I bought this cherry juice at Albertsons for around five bucks.  I noticed that it has more anti- oxidents than grape juice or Pomogranite juice.