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 Health Trucker
     Spring has sprung and for the first time in quite a while the sun was shining so I decided to take a spin on my Folding Bicycle I purchased a couple years back from an outfit called "Bike Friday".  They make these bikes Custom for the individual you give them your measurements over the phone,  mine was pretty heavy duty due to the fact that Im a Large Person.  My bike is called a "Pocket Llama and it may look wimpy but it really takes the punishment (I dont Recommend taking jumps with it) and is made with top notch Components(I used to do some competitive bike racing when I was young). It cost me about 1400.00 bux but it is seriously one of the best bicycles I have ever owned folding or not. 

      One cool thing about my bike friday is that I can  fit side bags on it so I can use it to carry stuff on or if I ever wanted to I could tour on it.  It folds up small enough to fit into a medium suitcase.   At any rate it doesnt matter if you choose to get a top of the line folding bicycle or just a cheap beach cruiser or for that matter just an indoor sit down exercise  bike, Pedaling is really a great way to get your blood going using low impact fitness without damaging joints.  Trust me at 300 plus pounds I could  seriously hurt myself if I even tried to run around the block but I can (and do) ride my bike ten plus miles on a semi- regular basis.  
Low impact Fitness for truckers, my folding bike friday and kettlebell make a perfect low impact truck friendly workout duo!