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 Health Trucker
I had the day off so I jumped on my folding bike friday and headed to the uptown for a Coffee.  Called a friend he was moving so I decided to be ambitious and lend a hand. His House has stairs, Holy Moly what a workout,  I forgot what real labor is all about. lol.  It was  cool to hang out with an old friend and the Calorie Burning level is definitely up there.  So if you are looking for a great Workout,  lend a hand to someone moving and enjoy the good workout and good company of a friend to boot!!  
The Last week has been sort of rough, I haven't been doing my Kettlebell Workout like I should, because I hurt my hip (motorcycle Spill) and  family visiting from out of town means late dinners and later quality time with Bro and some good micro beers needless to say I am maintaining around 309 last I checked.  Hopefully this next week I can get back with the program.  B
According to Gary Scott who blogs about Ecaudor, and has spent a lot of time living among Shaman's in Ecuador  if you lose weight your Brain also improves
mp 182 on I 84 near Twin Falls is an old school truck stop.  The reason I like to stop here is the restaurant I like their salad bar actually I find their made from scratch soups excellent!!! They also have a Drivers Lounge downstairs with a comfortable place to read or watch TV and 3 bathrooms for drivers only!!!  
Garden of Eden Truck Stop Eden, Idaho  has a Taco Time and Sub Shop also if you don't feel like a sit down meal..though I recommend a sit down meal for a nice break from the road.

The Salad Bar. Excellent Healthy Trucker Food.  Excellent Soup!!!  The Salad Bar is usually open till 11:00 Pm though my trucker diet doesn't allow me to eat that late.

LIver and Onions Lots of Onions with Cream Sausage Gravy. Liver is full of Vitamin A. Makes for a healthy trucker!
They did a study which finds a high fat low calorie diet reverses kidney damage in mice.  Although it is highly unlikely the diet could be used by humans still food for thought.




     So I came in off the road, weighed myself and I was down to 305 Whoo Hoo!! then I decided to enjoy my time off with a Ride on my Motorcycle.  I have a Suzuki DR650  Dual Sport I was enjoying the spring day driving through West Richland when I decided to try and take my "Dual Sport"  off road up this dirt track up a steep hill, everything was going just fine when I came over a rise and there was this little sandy area, well about halfway over the sand dune my tires started sinking into the sand and I was in danger of getting stuck so I gunned it hard.  The little enduro did great sand flew every where but I made it across the sand.  Then I guess I wasnt expecting the change of surface because when I hit the hardscrabble I wiped out.  Ouch!! after I finnished picking the sand out of my Teeth I was headed back  home but I decided I better stop at Ty's Taver in West Richland for a few ice cold beverages to calm my nerves.   Then my Lady Tweet didnt get off work till late so it was off to Ray's for more Ice cold beverages and then a very late dinner.  So this AM I was very disappointed when I found I am back up to 310 Wow amazing how fast you can go from doing great to Not so great.  Moral of the story, Dont Go Home. Kidding.   just Avoid Partying like a rock star on your home time.   Peace Out B  
This Restaurant is called Waraguma it is in San Pedro Belize.
I dont know anything about this guy or his product but I like the Video.
Ok, so if you are obese like me then there are a few things you need to know.  Part of my Journey back to health began with a visit to my Doctor.   Two Common Health Problems for Truckers are Diabetes and Sleep Apnea.  When I went in for my Physical one thing my Doctor did was order a blood sugar screening.  We found that I was borderline diabetic so he put me on Metformin which help get my blood sugar down to normal.  You can actually make yourself diabetic by allowing yourself to get overweight, or you might be overweight in part because you are Diabetic!!  At any rate by losing weight you can actually (in some cases) make your Diabetes Go Away!! 
      Then my Doctor ordered a sleep study and found that I have a pretty severe case of sleep apnea.  Sleep Apnea can be both a cause of weight gain or can be caused by weight gain, Sleep Apnea means that you cant breath right while sleeping so you dont get quality sleep time.  I now have a small machine that keeps my airway clear called a Cpap which I take with me on the road.  I have grown to love this thing.  It is really nice to be able to put in a full day on the road without having to take many naps!! Quality sleep time also helps your body repair itself, and is crucial for weight loss.  So Driver I really recommend the first thing you do in order to lose weight and live the healthy trucker life, is visit your Doctor, get a physical and  get checked out for Diabetes and Sleep Apnea!  B
I have already blogged about Buzz Inn at my Website  but I really need to mention the fact that the food at the Buzz Inn is top notch Too!  I keep ordering the Taco Salad every time I go in there because it just tastes good.  That said it is the Coffee with the Giant Size Mugs that gets me through the door and the Good Food is the Icing on the Cake.
Mmmm Coffee and Taco Salad for a satisfying healthy trucker feast!!!

Trucker Sized Mugs full of Excellent Coffee